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What is an FSVP Agent?

The FSVP importer is the U.S. owner or consignee of the food offered for import (i.e., owns the food, has purchased it, or has agreed in writing to purchase it at the time of U.S. entry). If there is no U.S. owner or consignee at time of entry, the FSVP importer is the U.S. agent/representative of the foreign owner/consignee, as confirmed in a signed statement of consent. The key is that there be a FSVP importer in the United States who takes responsibility for meeting the FSVP requirements.


Is an FSVP Agent the same as a US Agent for a foreign food facility?

No, they are not the same. Foreign facilities use U.S. Agents as the point of contact with FDA as it relates to the food facility. An FSVP Agent is needed if there is no U.S. owner or consignee at the time goods enter the U.S. FDA will hold the FSVP Agent responsible for meeting all FSVP requirements. The FSVP Agent must be designated in writing with signed consent to serve as the importer.


Who must be in compliance with the FSVP requirements?

U.S. importers subject to FSVP have foreign suppliers that fall into one of three categories:

  • Foreign suppliers that will not be covered by the PC or produce safety rules;
  • Foreign suppliers subject to the PC for Human Food rule and are not “small businesses,” “qualified facilities” (certain very small businesses) or subject to the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance; or
  • Foreign suppliers subject to the current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) requirements in the PC for Animal Food rule, and are not "small businesses" or "qualified facilities"

Why choose MAGNECO?

All foreign exporters of food to the U.S. who do not have a U.S. buyer or purchaser at the time of entry must appoint a U.S. agent or representative to act as the importer of the food and perform verification in compliance with the Foreign Supplier Verification Program Regulation.

MAGNECO offers complete assistance to foreign exporters to U.S. and serves as FSVP Agent.

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